LA Philharmonic members engross Riverside audience

Select members from the Los Angeles Philharmonic traveled to Riverside Nov. 15 to perform some of the orchestra’s popular songs at the Hole Memorial Auditorium.

The LA Philharmonic  is recognized as one of the world’s most well-known orchestras, according to Gramophone, a British website that ranks most popular orchestras. Gramaphone named the LA Phil as No. 8 of 20 of the most popular orchestras.

Abner Lopez, sophomore music education major and drummer in the California Baptist University’s Male Choral, said he is familiar with the orchestra, holding their music in high regard.

“I like how they use many different dynamics,” Lopez said. “Most of them are world-renowned musicians, so I could see anyone walking in and conducting them and it would still sound great.”

Conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, music and artistic director, the orchestra performs more than 250 concerts at various venues from the The Walt Disney Concert Hall to The Hollywood Bowl.

“They are very professional,” said Kathleen Kopitzke, visiting professor and director of New Song and Choral Union. “They offer quality performances to inform all of society on the arts.”

The performers included To a Ni, Ben Ullery and Jin-Shan Dai, as well as the director of strings at La Sierra University, Jason Uyeyama. The show began with a short 12-minute music piece led by violinist, Jin-shan Dai.

“I love strings and the performers in this group are amazing at it,” said Celeste Urias, sophomore psychology major as well as member of New Song Choir at CBU. “I look up to them as performers because they are so confident with every note they play and it is admirable.”

The show concluded with a standing ovation, with an audience standing up celebrating the performance commending composer Felix Mendelssohn and the LA Phil.

Kopitzke said she appreciated how the musicians conducted a wide variety of music.

The La Philharmonic is currently performing at The Walt Disney Concert Hall with dates in December and January.

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