Parking structure may be in works

With the rapidly growing enrollment at California Baptist University future plans may include a parking structure, there is not a definitive construction schedule for a parking structure at California Baptist University that has been set.

“Concept plans for a parking structure have been developed as part of the university’s long-range planning, although at present no construction schedule has been set,” said Steve Smith, director of Facilities and Planning Services.

According to Dr. Mark Wyatt, vice president for Marketing and Communication, the administration makes efforts to keep up with the needs of students and the surrounding community, including those that pertain to parking. Plans, which in the long term could include a parking structure, are in discussion currently to be rolled out in time for next year.

“The university administration regularly monitors parking and other campus needs to ensure that there is adequate capacity to serve the CBU community,” Wyatt said. “Currently, plans are being developed to provide additional parking by the time it is needed in the coming year.”

Smith said the Facilities and Planning Services team oversees the projects, and then administration looks it over for approval.

Budgeting for surface and structured parking usually is drawn from operating and capital investment budgets.

For now, students can expect some surface changes to be made to the campus to cater to increased parking needs in the future.

“There are several surface parking developments being studied at this time targeted for stepped or phased construction over the next few years,” Wyatt said.

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