Photographer gains aerial advantage, harnesses creativity through drones



Followed on Instagram by more than 15,000 people, his “epic” life adventures are documented by his photography through the use of his drone, camera, iPhone and the most vital component, his creativity.

The pictures on Instagram have played a huge role in the life of Spencer Findlay, sophomore graphic design major. Through the use of his drone and photography, Findlay has become “Insta-famous” with a mass of dedicated followers.

“It was not until my senior year of high school that I realized I was creatively-minded,” Findlay said. “My photography and video have been my creative outlets. It has enabled me to view everything in life differently. Because of my passion, I notice the details in life and also take a step back sometimes to see the bigger picture.”

After purchasing his first drone two years ago, his photography reached new heights by presenting a new way to see the world. His aerial view images, videos and vibrant color photographs opened doors for Findlay to work on a professional level through collaborations and freelance jobs.

The result of his work as @epicspence on Instagram has helped Findlay launch his own business, called Northwest HD, that shoots real estate videos as well as managing the website, layout, design and videos for a company back in his hometown called Flipping Seattle.

“I knew Spencer back when he only had two-hundred followers,” said Sam Hayward, sophomore marketing major.

Over the past eight years, Hayward and Findlay have worked on short films and ventured out on photography trips together. Hayward said he has watched Findlay’s talent in photography and videography transform into an art of his own.

As a model for Findlay, Mackenzie Scmutz, sophomore graphic design major, has experienced the photographer’s natural talent first-hand and said his style and creativity are authentic.

“I cannot imagine him doing anything else for his career,” Scmutz said. “It was what he was made to do.”

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