Public school transfers share integration experience to private Christian university

Transfer students at California Baptist University have experienced another college, some of them public colleges, before attending CBU and experiencing the atmosphere of a private Christian university.

Jessica Brown, junior communication studies major, said her first impression of the Lancers was different from her public school.

“People were more welcoming here,” Brown said. “The campus focuses more on bringing people together, while (my previous college) was not trying to connect with others.”

Even though Brown said she was not a part of any clubs or extra curricular activities, she said the events her previous school put on were fun and helped involve the student body.

“At (my other school) there was a lot of entertainment for us,” Brown said. “At one point in time we had Kevin Hart on campus as well  as dances that we could attend throughout the year.”

Erika Obdam said she experienced culture shock when she arrived at CBU. She said having Christian values integrated into schoolwork has given her a new way she receives her education.

“The installment of faith in the classroom was definitely new but refreshing at the same time,” Obdam said.

Amber Smalley, transfer student from Riverside City College, said she has experienced a difference between professors since coming to CBU.

“They are also more willing to accommodate and make time for students who cannot make specific office hours,” Smalley said.

Smalley said she has had a positive experience since transferring to CBU and she likes the accessibility of the professors, enhancing her experience even more.

“(My professors) are more willing to accomodate and make time for students who cannot make specific office hours,” Smalley said.

Brown, Obdam and Smalley all had positive feedback and constructive criticism to offer, but all noted their happiness at CBU.

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