Surfer rides morning waves, relieves stress

Stress can weigh heavily on the shoulders of college students. Unwinding and finding peace can seem like a tough task, but Logan Richardson, sophomore kinesiology major, said he uses surfing as his outlet to de-stress, find quiet time with God and have fun.

Leaving around 4 a.m. at least once a week, Richardson wakes up before the sun rises,  packs his surfboard, wetsuit and Nalgene bottle and hits the road to the beach in his 1963 Chevy Corvair van.

Being a Southern California native, Richardson said he has spent a lot of time at the beach and finds being in the ocean calming, reminding him of younger days.

“The vibe out in the water, paddling and going out in the waves, being out in God’s creation, is like when you were little and you were being rocked,” Richardson said.

Richardson said he uses his time in the water to pray and talk to God, finding peace and calmness through God’s creation.

“I feel like I’m becoming something bigger of the earth when I’m surfing I’m getting closer to God in a way,” Richardson said. “When I’m out there I tend to pray.”

Logan started surfing when he was 8 years old, but began using it as an outlet for stress when he was entering his freshman year of college, going one to two times a week before school and on the weekends.

Not always wanting to go surfing  alone, Steven Wolfe, Richardson’s friend and senior engineering major, usually accompanies him on the early morning surf trips.

“Logan and I met out in the water surfing at Dana Point and have been good buddies ever since,” Wolfe said.

Another companion, Meagan Bourne, junior business major, said Logan makes everyone he meets laugh.

“He is a great and positive person to be around,” Bourne said.

Richardson said he believes finding a way to rest, release tension and indulge in a quiet moment is something everyone needs to do every once in a while.

“Do what you love and as long as it’s not a burden, it will release stress,” Richardson said.

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