Candidates cheapen highest title

From jamming to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to hosting “Saturday Night Live,” presidential candidates are using more informal outlets to reach young voters, underestimating this generation’s intellect to choose a candidate.

As an avid talk-show viewer, I enjoy watching entertainers sing their latest record or brag about their latest movie on shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” As entertainers, it is their job to provide entertainment, unlike a presidential candidate.

I understand presidential candidates are using this tactic to engage young voters and have themselves be considered a cool candidate, but it’s embarrassing. The bad jokes and cringe-worthy dance moves are as painful as bad dad jokes.

I do not need a presidential candidate proving how alike he and I are, we live different lives with radically polar daily concerns. Our generation is not blind to what a president should be, so a presidential candidate will not win my vote by appearing relatable.

I admit I may have laughed once or twice when Jimmy Fallon interviewed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as Donald Trump,  but funny is not going to win my vote. Being silly and relatable is not part of the job description; a president must be trustworthy and respected. In fact, these poor attempts to be funny cheapen the highest title of our country and embarrasses the nation.

Jeb Bush, Republican presidential candidate, makes it obvious that he is painfully uncomfortable with the idea of cracking jokes while Donald Trump shows that he is perfectly in his element, but both situations are equally awkward.

I prefer a candidate to remain serious. Ultimately, running this country does not require a sense of humor, but a sense of earnestness. Humor should not dictate anyone’s vote, but unfortunately it will sway some people. I hope that the younger generation is able to look past these tactics and base their vote on real issues.

Votes should be dictated by views on immigration and taxes, not by whether Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential candidate, knows all the words to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

In order to utilize the media in a more professional manner, candidates should continue to pursue serious interviews and discuss their political views, avoiding ridiculous segments.

It would be ideal to steer away from talk shows directed toward humor and focus more on news stations and serious reporting.

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