Coachella lineup unites genres, people


With the changing of the calendar year comes the announcement of yet another Coachella lineup, and for some people, a new list of complaints for the festival’s organizer, Goldenvoice.

A significant complaint some people bring up is that the festival is too mainstream now, implying that Goldenvoice is just booking the Top-40 artists and one-hit wonders of the year in order to generate more

Coachella is still a business and there has to be some kind of profit in order to avoid catastrophe, but some of the best performances are not all delivered by headlining acts.

As a Palm Desert resident and festival frequenter, the allure of Coachella is not its close proximity, nor its convenient timing near the end of the semester. At its core, Coachella is about the music performed on any given weekend.

Since its foundation, Coachella has been about the experience of enjoying live music, in the company of friends, family or complete strangers, regardless of the band’s popularity.

The price tag may be a deterrent for some, but the first glance at a lineup should not be the deciding factor of buying passes versus saving the money.

Coachella is designed so  the lineup can appeal to a wide scope of audiences from different genres, and that variety is what makes it so great. It is an opportunity to expand one’s taste in music and enjoy good, live music.

The event organizers at Goldenvoice place a great deal of time and effort into making Coachella as good as it can be any given year, both for sales and for festival-goers.

It is not a surprise that the absolute best touring musicians cannot always be booked, and it is unrealistic to think that Coachella would cater specifically to each individual’s musical needs.

Some people act like it is the end of the world if each of their favorite musical artists are not on the lineup.

There is a certain joy that can be found in exploring new genres and artists booked on the lineup that may otherwise not ever be discovered if Coachella is not attended.

Regardless of how favorable or unfavorable the Coachella lineup may seem at first glance, there are many artists who are well worth listening to, even if they are buried in the list of each day’s acts. It just takes a certain level of appreciation and determination to understand why Coachella is still crucial to attend, even when it may seem lackluster.

At the end of the day, or rather three days, Coachella is about the music, not the flower crowns, celebrities in attendance, or perfect Instagram photograph. It is about taking part in an event that is nearly impossible to replicate.

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