Coloring books offer adults stress-reliever

Coloring books are not just reserved for children anymore. Their popularity has increased at California Baptist University as stress levels rise and students look for new ways to relieve stress.

Amanda Bajema, junior business administration major, said she started coloring when her roommates gave her a coloring book for adults as a birthday gift. The coloring book she uses, “Natural Wonders Color Art for Everyone,” features detailed pages of plants and flowers void of color.

“It’s a good way to relieve stress and get my mind off of school,” Bajema said.

For some, coloring books are a mental break, as they may not require much thought or effort. Many coloring books for adults include a variety of geometric patterns including mandalas, symbols that have become especially popular in recent years.

Naomie Houck, junior mechanical engineering major, began coloring when she received a coloring book for adults during Christmas. Houck explained coloring books for adults are more complex and ornate than regular coloring books for children.

“Children’s coloring books are simple and based on children’s interests, such as a cartoon character,” Houck said.

Adult coloring, though it can get complex, is not rocket science. Some believe life’s problems can be temporarily put on hold when presented with a simple page to color and the choice between blue and red. Others see it as an option to exercise creativity without having to exert too much energy.

“I color because it serves as a stress-reliever for me in the sense that it allows me to tune out what’s going on around me,” Hock said. “It forces my mind to take a break from all my school responsibilities and do something else besides math problems, which is normally what my homework consists of.”

The busyness of college life can be overwhelming with a myriad of project deadlines, papers and exams. The simplicity of coloring books can offer a brief escape.

Katelyn Meitler, senior nursing major, said she enjoys coloring books for adults for their creative aspect. She was first introduced to adult coloring books through a friend who owned one. Since then she has used her adult coloring book as a cheap and creative outlet for stress.

“(It) allows me to take a deep breath and let life move a little slower for a brief moment,” Meitler said. “As a nursing student I don’t get to exercise a lot of creativity, so coloring (books for adults) allows me to develop and engage that part of
my brain and express my creativity.”

Coloring books geared toward adults can be bought at shops including Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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