Couch To 5K sessions create strength endurance training

In the lobby of California Baptist University’s Recreation Center, a group of students stretched, chatted and hydrated before they continued their fitness journey with CBU’s Couch To 5K.

Couch To 5K began in fall 2013, one semester after the Recreation Center first opened at CBU. A six-week event running from Jan. 7 through Feb. 11, Couch To 5K gives students the training and confidence to participate in a 5K they may not have considered themselves able to run in before.

Waiting to start yet another week of their journey, students in majors ranging from Spanish to aviation flight came together at the Recreation Center to focus on one common goal: getting into better shape.

Mackenzie Haney, sophomore early childhood studies major, said she was ready for the second week and eager to continue her personal goal of getting back into shape.

“I’m ready,” Haney said. “I’ve been looking for a way to get back into shape that wasn’t too overwhelming. Couch To 5K seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Couch To 5K focuses not only on preparing students to run in a 5K, but also emphasizes the gradual build of reaching that 5K goal. This means every week, new exercises and an increase in running distances are added to build strength and endurance.

Justine Bolanos, graduate student in communications, said she also wants to get back into shape gradually. Bolanos said he hopes the event will also help her eventually switch to healthier eating habits.

“I’m not really changing my eating habits,” Bolanos said. “I’m hoping this will motivate me to do so.”

The event was led by Patricia Sierra, senior exercise science major, personal trainer and Lancer Wellness intern.

The students went on a 30-minute run at their own pace that began in front of the Recreation Center and continued down Adams Street and around the block, coming back to campus through Palm Drive. The workout subsequently ended with stretches and abdominal exercises.

David Perez, sophomore kinesiology major, was one of the first to finish the run.

“I’m so tired,” he said. “I had no idea I was so out of shape. I will definitely go slower at the beginning next time.”

Chris Blair, senior aviation flight major, who was also one of the first to complete the run, said he felt accomplished.

“I feel pretty good,” Blair said. “It’s nice to get running again, especially with a group.”

Joe Fix, fitness coordinator at the Recreation Center, said he finds it rewarding to see the progress of students during their Couch To 5K journeys.

“It’s amazing to see people obtain their goals and to see their progress from beginning to end,” Fix said.

All students are welcome to attend Couch To 5K. For more information, contact the Recreation Center.

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