New dad balances home, work

One of the newest additions to California Baptist University this school year is Sam Ramos, who has taken on two new roles as resident director of the Lancer Arms living area and as a first-time father.

Ramos, along with his wife Emily, is an alumnus of CBU. They moved on campus in August and welcomed their newborn son, Jude, in November. Since then, they said they have adjusted to living life as a family of three on campus.

“Coming back in a position where I am over RA’s (Resident Advisers) and oversee their development is really great because I wanted to come back for student development and help shape lives for my RAs and for the residents living in the area,” Ramos said.

Sam’s experience as an RA during his undergraduate years prepared him for the responsibilities of a RD.

“I’ve really enjoyed (being a RD) because when I went to school here, I was an RA so I was really involved in the community, so it was really nice to get that kind of perspective on student life and also student leadership,” Sam said.

Anna Lutschkin, junior behavioral science major, said having Sam as a boss has allowed her to see his ability to relate to his staff and students and his genuine care for others.

“He goes out of his way to engage with students and to make them feel known and welcome,” Lutschkin said. “He loves to joke around, which I think makes students feel really comfortable.”

Aside from his new professional position, Sam said he has greatly enjoyed being a parent in this new season of life.

“Being a first-time father, it’s been really great and humbling,” Sam said. “It’s been a great opportunity to grow in a lot of various aspects.”

Since the Ramoses are immersed in the campus culture, Emily said they both make sure to set aside quality family time.

“It’s been a lot of fun, but to spend time at home you have to be more intentional in spending time together and Sam is really good at differentiating family time and then staff time or college life,” Emily said.

As Sam strives to maintain balance between work and family, he said he and Emily remain passionate about students. Both said they are excited to play a role in the growth of students.

“We really wanted to be a part of college student’s lives in whatever way that looks,” Emily said. “It’s a little different for me because I’m not necessarily out in this job but just always having an open door for those wanting to be a part of our lives and for those we are a part of and investing a little bit more because we do understand college life.”

Ultimately, Sam said his hope for Lancer Arms is to make Christ known through building relationships so students may know the Lord on a deeper level.

“Finding identity in Christ was really important for me during this time so I want to impress that upon a lot of different people,” Ramos said. “I’ve had a lot of great opportunities to be able to speak to people so it’s one of the greater moments of my position.”

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