Photographer improves skills through resolution

Like every year, people across the world are making their resolutions with dreams of a new start or continued earnestness, including Kenedie Gayle, sophomore film studies major at California Baptist University.

Gayle said she wanted to improve her photography over the course of the next year. Her resolution is to take a photograph of a different style every week for an entire year to improve her

“Every week it’s a different type of photo,” Gayle said. “One week it will be portrait, the next week landscape and what they call artistic.”

Gayle said the challenge would help develop her photography and cinematography as a film studies major.

“If you’re good at photography then you should be good at cinematography,” Gayle said. “Cinematography uses many of the same mechanics as photography, but in film it is different because you have to pay attention to frame rate and camera movement.”

Gayle said her favorite type of photo to take at the moment is portrait-style.

“I love how you can look at a portrait and you can get a feel for who that person is,” Gayle said.

Gayle said she is also excited for portrait week because she has a few ideas up her sleeve.

Once Gayle has taken the photos, she will proceed to post them on social media so she and others can track the improvement in her photography as well as have 
something to look back on.

“From what I have seen so far, Kenedie has an eye for photography,” said Hannah Sturgis, sophomore psychology major and Gayle’s roommate.

Gayle said she feels her confidence will be greatly boosted not only for video but also for photography as well by participating and accomplishing this challenge.

“You look at a picture and it tells a thousands words, so if a picture can do that imagine what film can tell because that’s like a thousand pictures put together,” Gayle said.

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