Repetition, focus prepares baseball team

As the baseball season quickly approaches, players are anticipating a successful year. Although practices began Jan. 6, players have been focused on the season since the beginning.

Sheldon Borson, freshmen undeclared major and second baseman, said he is looking forward to his first collegiate season.

“It has been tough getting used to college-level and the speed of the game, but it has been beneficial because of the hours we get on the field, and how much repetition we get,” Borson said.

Baseball practices consist of three to four hours each day, with sections to work on specific areas of the game.

Gary Adcock, head coach of the baseball team, emphasizes the importance of repetition within the game.

“We have a routine we like to adhere to but are open minded to subtle changes in our routine to make us better,” Adcock said. “Baseball is a sport based on repetitions and we are working diligently to prepare ourselves in the basics of the game.”

Adcock said he challenges his athletes and strives to prepare his team in every way for the upcoming season. Players learn valuable aspects of the game as well as how
to stay strong not just physically, but mentally.

“He is really demanding and expects perfection,” Borson said of Adcock. “Obviously perfection is not realistic, but we come up near perfect and that makes for a great team.”

Players determine how much field time they are going to receive in the game by the effort they put into practice; however, that is not their main focus. Adcock stresses improving every player during practices, not only the ones who are going to be on the field the most.

“My team has been very patient with me,” Borson said. “They were in the same boat as me at one point and they have helped me understand the system as a whole.”

Adcock said he recognizes his team’s effort in including newer players and the overall positive atmosphere on the field.

“I am pleased with how the veterans have made it a point to include the young guys on and off the field,” Adcock said. “The young players have equally done a good job of listening and working thus making it a smooth transition.”

A successful team not only requires talent, but unity. This team already has  
chemistry, which enhances their talent on the field.

The season opens Feb. 4 against California State University, Los Angeles, in a three-game series.

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