Tyson Miller plays toward big league aspirations

The baseball program at California Baptist University has had a long, successful history and many of its players have seen success after their collegiate careers have finished. One major league hopeful is Tyson Miller.

Miller, junior communication studies major and right-handed pitcher, grew up in La Quinta, California, where his father first taught him the
basics of baseball at age 3. He then became a Little League player at age five. Though he played right field for his Little League career, Miller found his talent in pitching once he reached high school.

“That’s when I realized I had a good arm.” Miller said.

Before his senior year of high school, Miller was signed with CBU and had a spot on the roster. Gary Adcock, head coach of the baseball team, said he made sure of his
commitment and his drive for baseball on paper.

“Coach Adcock actually wrote my letter of intent on a napkin and asked if it was OK and I said it works for me,” Miller said.

As a pitcher, Miller said he doesn’t feel too much pressure when up on the mound. Before every game he said he listens to music to get him in his “zone” and makes sure to stay focused.

“I like being in control,” he said.

Miller said he believes “the big man upstairs” has plans for him and he always says a prayer before every game to calm down. He said he believes he is MLB worthy and would play for the San Francisco Giants, which has always been his favorite team.

Miller said he considers his team as family and loves the environment CBU has to offer. His teammates said they are grateful to have Miller, as well.

Vini Haro, freshmen undeclared major and pitcher, looks up to Miller despite their competitive past.

“We played in the same league in high school, so I have heard of Tyson Miller since I was a freshmen,” Haro said. “Every time we played him I would think, ‘Wow, this guy is legit.’”

Haro said he notices the work Miller puts in  every
opportunity they get on the field, and it has inspired him to work harder and become a better ballplayer.

“He always sets an example on the field. When he is out there he is in the zone, and nothing gets to him,” Haro said.   

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