University Choir and Orchestra produces, releases new album

The Collinsworth School of Music’s University Choir and Orchestra produced a new album that includes several songs for parents, students and other family members to enjoy.

Dr. Judd Bonner, UCO director, has been in charge of the ensemble for several years and the group has recorded Christmas-themed albums as well as regular worship albums.

The titles of the albums themselves show the true spirit of worship that UCO contains. From “We Stand in Awe” to “Love Has Won,” the titles of the CDs convey the same majesty as the worship in
the songs.

The new album titled “Behold our God” was recorded last year at one of the Christmas concerts UCO performed and includes the theme of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The first album titled “It’s Christmas!” was recorded almost 10 years ago and included 13 songs by UCO. Over the years, they have kept around the same number of songs in each album and each song is uniquely composed.

“The CD has a variety of songs with a modern and exciting twist to it due to an exceptional orchestra and multiple part harmony,” said Morgan Breipohl, sophomore liberal studies major. “There are 100 vocalists in UCO and 45 instrumentalists.”

The Collinsworth school,  as well as CBU as a whole, are positively impacted as a result of this CD because it allows the university to grow and attract talented music students to the program.

Prospective students can have the opportunity to listen to the recording and may be inspired enough to enroll in the program or become a part of one of the ensembles.

“I have been part of UCO for about four months now and one of my favorite things about the experience is that it challenges me to uphold a standard of excellence,” Breipohl said. “The music and the lyrics are powerful reminders of the joy we find in Christ.”

UCO not only allows students to grow as vocalists and instrumentalists but can also allow them to be stronger leaders in the musical community.

“The new CD, as well as over 30 CDs from the past, can be purchased at any concert on a Sunday night as well as in the school of music’s office,” said Janelle Quijano, senior kinesiology major and UCO public relations president. “Every choral group sells the newest UCO CDs and various other CDs from their own group.”

Recording a new CD allows UCO members to improve their voices and musical talents in order to strengthen the music program as a whole.

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