Bachelor scoffers are too concerned

Every Monday night is specifically scheduled to accommodate my 8 p.m. one-on-one date with the bachelor, Ben Higgins. My roommates and I rally around the television to catch a glimpse into the life of a man dating several women to find “the one.” However, some people still have not realized that reality television falls quite short of reality and are often too concerned with the logistics of the television show.

ABC’s “The Bachelor” is a reality television show designed to have a man date about 28 women for 10 weeks in hopes of finding a wife. Although the show is often seen as a “trashy” show, people need to relax and realize that it is just a show.

A common complaint among “Bachelor” scoffers is that women are put in a position to fight over a man and are manipulated to seem crazy and reckless.

First of all, no one is forcing these women to be on the show these women are relishing in the glory of their 15 minutes of fame. Secondly, as much as I wish the panic attacks, emergency room visits, girl fights and fixed scenarios were true, let’s face it, they are anything but real.

For example, this season, much like every other season, there is a “mean girl,” Olivia. None of the girls like her, but of course, Higgins is infatuated with her. It happens every season without fail, so it is obviously fixed to generate drama on the show.

Reality television is meant to entertain, and if something on the show is not exciting enough for viewers, the producers will certainly spin the show in a way favorable to viewer entertainment. If the producers did not add in some extra drama, the show would no longer be entertaining and the audience would lose interest.

Regardless of whether Higgins and the women are there “for the right reasons,” I would like to remind all “The Bachelor” mockers that it is simply a show meant to entertain audiences. It is not meant to be picked at for its moralistic values, or lack thereof.

Honestly, I am tired of constantly being judged for watching this show because of its “ridiculous content.” It is my escape from homework on Monday nights and I should not need to defend myself.

I propose that people who continually complain about “The Bachelor” quit analyzing and criticizing the show and take it for what it is, a silly show. Lighten up and know that Monday nights are much better swooning over Higgins and cringing at the women’s poor attempts at getting his attention.

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