Group exercise gives motivation

Working out is terrible. Sweat, soreness and exhaustion always follow, and it makes you question if all of the work is worth it. Regardless of the fact that it is a time-consuming and strenuous task, exercising is beneficial.

Before you start rolling your eyes and shouting at me, I will be the first to say that I actually hate exercising. Sweat? Gross. Soreness? No, thank you. Endorphins? Always. “Endorphins make you happy,” Elle Woods of “Legally Blonde” once said,  and happiness is  important.

Exercising alone is amazing for some while for others its the worst thing they will ever have to do. Thankfully, California Baptist University has been blessed with group exercise classes.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve attended a plethora of Group X classes at the CBU Recreational Center. My first experience with PiYo, which is now my current favorite class, was not the most graceful thing I have ever done.

However, once the class was over, I knew I had to go to the next one. Although my first class was not necessarily my finest hour, working out with the other women in the class was motivating because we all have the same goal in the end.

Another class I participated in was cycle, which is beyond challenging because your legs are constantly telling you to stop. In addition to your legs crying for help, the seat is not comfortable in the slightest. Cycle was the most challenging class I have ever done, but also the most rewarding.

Group exercise classes are great because not only are you having fun while you are miserably cycling up an imaginary hill, but everyone around you is having fun miserably cycling up the hill.

A big part of exercising is encouragement. Exercising in groups not only promotes encouragement, but has the ability to motivate everyone within the group.

If you want to get in shape, but the thought of working out alone makes you want to hide, gather some friends and check out group classes.

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