Lancers write for literary anthology

Student writers of every major will have another opportunity to submit their works to be featured in the California Baptist University literary journal, “The Dazed Starling,” by Feb. 19 for the spring release.

This will be the third annual journal released featuring poetry, fiction and now introducing a creative nonfiction category. The pieces will be chosen by students in the Literary Journal Editing & Publishing class, taught by Dr. Derek Updegraff, assistant professor of English and creative writing and “The Dazed Starling” adviser. Students of every major are encouraged to submit their stories.

“It has always been open to everyone, but I hope to draw from a much larger pool this time around,” Updegraff said.

Sarah Dane, sophomore English major, is a student who will be helping choose stories for the journal. She advises students to take their time while writing and to make sure their piece has fluidity and a different tone than others.

“The fewer mechanical errors, grammatical errors and spelling errors in a draft you submit, the better it is received,” Dane said.

The journal is named after a poem, “The Writer,” by Updegraff’s favorite poet Richard Wilbur.

“He compares being a writer to being a dazed starling, which is a bird that is trapped in this room and it thinks it knows its way out, but it keeps flying into the window until finally it comes to the opening,” Updegraff said. “I thought that was a nice metaphor for how it feels to be a writer sometimes.”

The journal is set to be 125 to 140 pages and will be released in late March or early April.

Past copies are available on the second floor of the Old W.E. James Building from the department’s secretary for $10. Updegraff said he hopes to see copies in the campus bookstore and on “The Dazed Starling” website in the near future.

“Whoever has a creative idea should submit because even if it’s a little chance, it is still exciting to get published,” Dane said.

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