Men aim to woo at annual event

Swooning season is quickly approaching as auditions for California Baptist University’s annual WooFest took place Feb. 2 in order to showcase the men’s talents to charm the women of CBU at the event at the end of the month.

The men selected to perform their talents at WooFest either go on stage individually or in a rehearsed group Feb. 26 in the Van Dyne Gym.

Harlan Champoux, sophomore applied theology major, will be appearing with the group he performed with last year and explained the WooFest audition process.

“When we first went in to the audition, the judges took a video of us introducing ourselves and telling what we were going to do for WooFest,” Champoux said. “After, they watched our routine or skit and they were taking notes and nodding at each other.”

The men who auditioned find out over email within the week if they made the cut.

Bernard Dafney, resident director of East Colony who is in charge of WooFest, said he has been collaborating with his fellow graduate assistants and resident directors, which he said has been fun.

“I’m looking for personality, creativity and it’s really about someone letting go of their inhibitions and being themselves,” Dafney said.

Champoux’s creative beatboxing talent adds to his groups upbeat music and dancing numbers.

“I started beatboxing because in high school, I realized people enjoyed it, so I like to perform with it and encourage people,” Champoux said. “I’m trying to find ways to share the gospel with it, even though it is a little tricky.”

One of the five judges on the panel, Taylor Rilling, resident director of North Colony, is a judge for her first time for the WooFest panel.

“I went to the very first WooFest when I was a student here,” Rilling said. “I like to see how it has been built up over the years because it was big even the first year, so it’s fun to see it now how it’s gotten better every year.”

The pre-party for WooFest will begin at 7 p.m. and the event will start at 8 p.m. Friday night.

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