New theater opens in Redlands

California Baptist University students can look forward to seeing movies at an upcoming new location in the Inland Empire.

Early November 2015, Harkins Theatres officially announced on its website plans to build a new theater that will join Mountain Grove in Redlands. The name of the theater, set to open  this spring, is Mountain Grove 16.

Myla Philips, customer service representative, said under the Harkins Theatres franchise, the new addition is expected to transform the movie-going experience in the Inland Empire.

The 500-seat theater, based in a state-of-the-art Cine Capri auditorium, will feature Dolby Atmos 3-Definition surround sound with an 80-foot-wide display screen.

Tiffany Yao, sophomore nursing major, said the additional source of entertainment in the dining-focused area will benefit the incoming theater.

“I’m glad there are more theater options opening up in the Inland area,” Yao said. “Residents won’t have to travel extreme distances to enjoy a movie.”

Harkins Theatres currently has two other theaters in Chino Hills and Moreno Valley, but is giving veteran cinemas in the surrounding Redlands area a run for their money by offering  exclusive amenities such as an in-lobby bar with food menu options, electronic recliner seats and a children’s day care.

In response, Krikorian Premiere Theatres, a popular premiere theater service in Southern California, has announced its plans to renovate its existing theater in Redlands with new seats, displays and food service options as well.

The 15-year-old theater has plans to update their screens and heighten the realism to create the ultimate movie theatergoing experience, according to a Krikorian press release.

“I can understand how other theater chains in the area may want to improve their features to compete with the new and convenient services from Harkins Mountain Grove 16,” said Angelica Gallegos, sophomore Spanish major.

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