Planned Parenthood deserves penalties

The definition of crime is an activity that is against the law, an act that is foolish or wrong.

Selling fetal tissue or harvesting organs of babies is illegal, a crime against the law, yet no one from Planned Parenthood is being indicted by a grand jury. Instead, two people who tried to expose the truth are being indicted.

Do we need to turn this situation into a movie to see the horror of which Planned Parenthood has become a major part?

David Daleiden, Center for Medical Progress founder, and Sandra Merritt, center employee, face felony charges for tampering with a government record. Daleiden was also charged with a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs, even though he never bought them.

When the two released the undercover videos clearly showing evidence of leaders of Planned Parenthood speaking of the practice that was banned by law, Planned Parenthood officials said the videos were edited to be taken out of context and mislead the viewers. Whether it was edited or not, the fact remains that the higher officials still spoke of  intending to breaking the law. The words they spoke were the process of a crime that would be committed. Not one Planned Parenthood official in the videos has come forward to deny what was said in the videos.

I was upset that Planned Parenthood was not indicted, and while I believe Daleiden and Merritt were trying to do good by exposing the truth, I can understand why the were indicted. The two proclaim they are citizen journalists fighting for First Amendment rights that give freedom to the press. They could have done their “reporting” more ethically.

Some believe the jury’s decision was a vindication for Planned Parenthood, and many seem to be turning a blind eye to the horrific actions they made. Action should have been taken against Planned Parenthood. They, too, should have been charged for their actions.

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