Riverside mayor boasts city’s success at address

The 2016 Mayor’s State of the City Address brought in more than 1,100 people to the Riverside Convention Center Jan. 28, where California Baptist University won an award and Mayor Rusty Bailey spoke of the success and future of the city.

The Point apartments won a first-place beautification award for exterior reconstruction with landscaping. Mark Howe, vice president for Finance and Administration, represented CBU and received the award.

Mark Wyatt, vice president of Marketing and Communication, said in an email the beautification award from Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful affirms the commitment of (CBU) to create and maintain a beautiful campus environment. He said it also recognizes that such efforts benefit not only members of the CBU community, but also serve to enhance the neighborhoods surrounding the campus.

“Students can take pride in knowing that CBU is committed to improving the campus and is recognized by others for helping to make Riverside a desirable place to live, study, work and play,” Wyatt said.

Brandon Burns, resident director of The Point apartments, said the award goes to show that when a strong and good foundation is built, then students can surely build upon it.

He also added it helps students be successful.

“As the Point staff, we understand that most students who want to live here want to live here because of the amazingly nice facilities, brand new furniture and not to mention the location on campus,” Burns said. “However, we did not rest there but rather we built on that foundation and have added many things to help make it an even better place to live on top of those reasons.”

Burns said improvements incllude the addition of a beach theme to help residents feel at home and excited to live there, a solid logo that can identify where they live and get residents to be proud to live there and to represent the Point proudly and marketing boards where resident advisers can post upcoming events.

“We have consistent hangout events like our Point Coffee House,” Burns said. “We have fought to make our pool area the best possible by getting a barbecue added, awesome lighting, pool games and patio furniture. Our staff has sought to truly know their residents in all ways possible including myself.”

After the award ceremony, the mayor gave a 35-minute address that highlighted the success of 2015. Within that success includes the economic boost of downtown Riverside, Riverside Plaza, and a mention of the positive impact of the high enrollment at CBU and the $73 million construction of the 5,200 seat event center.

“Riverside has turned opportunity into action in 2015 and we will continue the momentum in the year to come,” Bailey said.

The mayor spoke of new initiatives that will be launched toward increases in job creation, educational attainment, infrastructure investment, public safety and business expansion and the compilation of construction of the CA 91 freeway in Riverside.

“More than 100 new small businesses open each month (in) our city, creating jobs for our residents and graduates,” Bailey said.

Bailey said investing in education enables Riverside students to achieve their highest potential as productive citizens and career-oriented professionals.

“The talent coming out of our schools and colleges present great opportunities,” Bailey said.

By 2020, Bailey explained there will be a projected one million unfilled information technology jobs in California, as well as one million unfilled health care positions, ready for people and students with career-oriented goals.

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