St. Louis Rams make move back to Los Angeles

The owners of all 32 NFL teams met Jan. 12 in Houston to decide whether the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders or San Diego Chargers would relocate to Los Angeles.

In that meeting, the owners voted in favor of the Rams to relocate to Los Angeles. The Chargers, Raiders and Rams all filed for relocation to Los Angeles. However, the owners took a vote and voted 30-2 in favor of the Rams relocating.

The Rams first relocated to Los Angeles from Cleveland in 1946 with a NFL championship victory against the Cleveland Browns in 1951.

The Los Angeles Rams also competed in Super Bowl XIV but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1979 NFL season.

Caleb Bell, sophomore psychology major, said he is glad a football team is in Los Angeles.

“Out of the three teams that were going to come back, I’m glad it’s them,” Bell said. “I’m thinking the Rams will be more influential in Los Angeles.”

Bell said he believes a bigger fanbase might help the Rams become more successful.

“A bigger fanbase does not guarantee success,” Bell said. “However, any sports team in Los Angeles tends to do well with a large fanbase.”

Dr. Todd Bates, professor of philosophy, said Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams, left Rams fans in St. Louis high and dry by relocating.

“He has to be willing to take the consequences of relocating,” Bates said. “He is hoping the fanbase will be wider in Los Angeles.”

Bates also said certain teams have a wide following.

“He has made a good decision in moving to Los Angeles if the fanbase increases,” Bates said. “If the fanbase does not increase, the owner made a bad decision.”

Colin DeLaere, freshman health science major, said he thinks the current teams in California are not the best and the Rams will bring inmore fans.

“The 49ers aren’t very good, but the Rams are better and brining them to Los Angeles might bring them more fans.”

After over 20 years, Los Angeles will once again have a professional football team to root for during the 2016 NFL season.

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