Students deal with stress through time management

Time in college can be stressful. With juggling classes, homework, jobs and a social life, it can become overwhelming.

Kevin Doyle, sophomore psychology major, takes 18 units, volunteers at his church, participates in intramural sports and is a resident adviser at California Baptist University.  

Doyle said staying ahead of the game is important for him to keep things balanced. Doyle works 15-20 hours a week on top of his other responsibilities. He said he tries to stay organized and on schedule to manage his
time better.

“I am not always good with being organized and on schedule, but at the same time, that is where the effectiveness comes from, so I try to stay on top of it and manage my time better,” Doyle said.

Time management plays a big role in reducing stress, especially when trying to juggle many responsibilities at once.

“Prioritizing is a huge lesson to be learned with students at the university level,” said Morgan Teruel, a career counselor at  the Career Center. “I even think back on my personal
experiences and when I didn’t know what was more important; I struggled to not spread myself too thin.”

Teruel said she wants students to look at their future and get an understanding of what the professional working field is so students can start to practice managing their
stress now.

“In the work field, you can’t just not show up to an interview or work because of stress or being overwhelmed,” Teruel said. “You have to learn how to manage that.”

When Anthony Ursua, sophomore communication disorders major, is overwhelmed, he said he makes a quick list of things to do throughout the day so he can feel better prepared and structured for the upcoming tasks that need to be

“I keep my mind on the thing that is most prevalent and do that first rather then overwhelm myself with a long list of  stuff throughout the day,” Ursua said.

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