Vegans on campus show options in lifestyle

The vegan lifestyle can be a fulfilling and practical lifestyle for those who have a passion for the environment and health.

Nicole DeFiebre, freshman exercise science major, said the three main reasons she became vegan were for her health, for the animals and for the environment and the planet.

“When I first discovered veganism last year, I didn’t see a downside,” DeFiebre said. “I knew that I would be benefiting my own health. It was so assuring to know that I wouldn’t have to put an animal’s life at stake for my own pleasure.”

DeFiebre explained living on campus at California Baptist University does not limit her food options. She is able to cook in her dorm and still eat out at El Monte Grill or any other eatery on

“I don’t want my way of eating to hinder my social life,” DeFiere said. “In a way, it becomes a bit of a joke at meal time when I’m eating with friends and family but I don’t mind if someone teases me about it or makes a joke
because at least they are aware of it.”

Megan Drew, freshman public health major, said she  used to think the only way to have the proper nutritional diet was to become vegan. However, she said she does not feel that way any longer.

“The most difficult part was getting enough calories,” Drew said. “I was in track and field at the time, so I had to make sure I packed a lot more than I had previously packed because when you’re eating fruits and vegetables, which I was trying to eat more of than anything else, you really have to take into account all the water.”

Despite the notion that vegan meals cost more than vegetarian or even meat-based meals, some vegans find the lifestyle more frugal.

Drew said she did not realize how much money her family spent on meat and dairy-based products throughout the week until they stopped buying them.

“I noticed that when I decided to become vegan, we spent way less on yogurt and milk,” Drew said.

DeFiebre said veganism does not limit  an individual, but rather offers a much simpler way of life for those who want to stay healthy and take care of the planet.

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