Wok On updates menu with bento boxes on weekends

Wok On at Brisco’s Cafe has updated its weekend selection by adding bento boxes to the menu.

Students now have a widened variety of options when they choose to dine at Brisco’s Wok On, as the menu for weekends has just been re-vamped.

On Sundays, Wok On is serving up Asian-inspired bento boxes.

Kipp Dougherty, director of food services at California Baptist University, said the boxes include alternate options of thai BBQ chicken, Asian ribs, shrimp or orange chicken. These come with two pieces of sushi, wonton and fried rice.

“The bento boxes have been a huge hit,” she said. “Students were hopping on social media talking about them, and the line was out the door when they first came out.”

Darin Edgmon, junior Christian studies major, said he thinks the bento boxes are a great idea.

“I love that there is a variation of food options within the boxes themselves,” she said. “I think they’re a nice alternative to the regular weekday menu at Wok On.”

Although there seems to be great success with this current installment, Dougherty said they still only plan to offer the boxes on Sundays.

“Our strategy with the menu is during the week we do bowls, and then the bento boxes on Sunday,” she said. “This helps the monotony of it. If we do it every day it becomes routine, so the goal is for it to be a special item on Sundays.”

Daniel Urban, senior aviation management major, agreed that just having the bento boxes available to students on Sundays is a good idea.

“It’s something to look forward to, as otherwise students would get bored of it too easily,” he said.

He did have a suggestion, however.

“They are so good though that I don’t think it would hurt to have them available all weekend,” Urban said.

Besides the bento boxes that were added for the Sunday menu, the Wok On station now also has a made-to-order salad option if a student is looking for a healthier or lighter meal choice.

“You can add different meat options like Thai BBQ chicken, different greens, ramen and the Asian orange dressing to the build-your-own salads,” Dougherty said. “So if you’re someone who likes salads, this is a great alternative.”

Dougherty also mentioned that Brisco’s and Wok On are always working on menu development, especially for the start of each semester. Therefore, Dougherty said student opinions and suggestions are always greatly welcomed and encouraged .

“There are comment and suggestion boxes at every location on campus for students,” Dougherty said.

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