Cars help, not necessary for college experience

Being a college student comes with freedom, and having a car to get around may seem to give people more opportunity for the college experience. However, many students do not own a car.

From midnight food runs to long road trips with friends, many students said there is a great benefit coming from having a car to get around as a form of transportation.

Justina Drescher, sophomore pre-nursing major, comes from Northern California and said she enjoys having her own car while attending school in Southern California.

Dreschler shares a car with her brother but said it works out because they each have their own keys and get along well.

“It is awesome; I like having a car,” Dreschler said. “It is cool because me and my brother go to church together and we bus other people to church, and that is a cool way we can use the car.”

Drescher said she is able to go to the store when she needs to and has the freedom to leave campus and the flexibility to take others with her to do fun off-campus events.

“I have the reliability of always having a way to get places, so that is really nice,” Dreschler said.

Jonathan Logerstedt, junior graphic design major, does not own a car of his own and said he does not see it as a disadvantage.

“Instead, I either ride my bike or take the bus,” Logerstedt said.

Logerstedt said there are benefits that come from not having a car.

“Riding my bike is really good exercise and I have met some really wonderful people riding on the bus,” Logerstedt said.

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