Health’s Kitchen fuels wellness

Local eatery caters toward vegetarian, vegan crowds with variety

Whether it is the lights strung across the ceiling, the hand-crafted drinks in mason jars or succulents placed on tables for decorations, Health’s Kitchen has made healthy eating affordable, tasty and trendy.

Located at 10120 Indiana Ave. in Riverside, Health’s Kitchen is a farm-to-table restaurant. All of the produce and ingredients used are purchased from local growers in Riverside County, and the restaurant prepares the meals with all-natural ingredients and no extra preservatives.

Gabrielle Ward, junior nutrition and food science major, said she has experienced Health’s Kitchen as a customer and an employee. As a server, Ward was responsible for attending to the guest’s dietary and service needs.

“A lot of the customers that come into Health’s Kitchen are gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian. We were aware of what is in the food and changed it so we could meet the needs of the guests,” Ward said. “The food is incredibly delicious. If you are interested in eating healthier, but still want to eat out, this restaurant is a great option. You won’t find another restaurant that serves food that tastes this fresh.”

From breakfast burritos for early mornings to the grilled chicken sandwich for an afternoon entree, the restaurant offers a variety of organic and unprocessed meals everyone at the table can enjoy whether they are a picky eater or have a food allergy.

Lisa Prins, Recreation Center graduate assistant, said she was introduced to Health’s Kitchen by her husband when he took her to the restaurant for dinner and enjoyed the good quality of the service and food.

“The atmosphere is very earthy, calm and relaxing,” Prins said. “Because I tend to be more picky, I usually gauge if other people would enjoy certain types of food, based off if my husband would eat it. My husband is not a health nut by any means, but even he said he would want to go back again soon.”

The restaurant has become synonymous with dietrary accomodation and quality service. Health’s Kitchen is open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. and offers a variety of healthy, farm-fresh foods at a moderate price.

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