No one cares about your political views

When my seventh-grade-self joined Facebook in 2007, it was a place to throw up the peace sign in my profile picture and “like” the cute boy’s latest profile picture as a means of flirting. It was a place meant to document my poor fashion choices and the innocence of my middle school self.

Today, Facebook has become a place for people to share their political views and argue with those who disagree, while I sit back and violently roll my eyes.

Not a day goes by that I don’t see old high school classmates arguing over how Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should be commended for his “refreshing honesty,” or lack thereof.

When I read these silly arguments I question if some of these kids are even old enough to vote in the first place; kids should stick to my old middle school ways and worry about who to “poke” instead of arguing about something they don’t even have a say in.

Honestly, I don’t care about anyone’s political views. Arguing with one another, knowing neither will change his or her mind, is a waste of time and space on my Facebook timeline. It is childish to fight over social media. Personally, I would be embarrassed to have these ridiculous arguments on display for everyone to see and form judgments.

Facebook is a place to share personal thoughts, but it is certainly not your soapbox. Before you go on an outlandish rant, remember that very few care and someone will soon fire back with a rebuttal. A heated comment-war, although eloquently and intellectually written, still makes both people involved look foolish.

Because of these ridiculous points of view, I tend to view those who post about their views on Facebook differently and I have sadly come to learn who my most racist friends are.

Don’t get me wrong; I believe it is important to become educated on the candidates and conduct personal research to be a well-informed voter, but I do not want to read about it on Facebook.

Everyone should keep their opinions to themselves for now and make their views known Nov. 8. Go out on that day, place your ballot and proudly wear your “I voted” sticker, knowing that is the moment your opinion makes a difference.

Ultimately, I would appreciate it if people stopped posting about their political views on Facebook and made more room for the mouth-watering “Tasty” videos instead. Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer the wrath of the “unfriend” button.

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