Thrifty shoppers embrace trend to recycle clothing

Thrifting, a growing and popular trend among the students at California Baptist University, can be a way to buy old and vintage clothes and accessories while saving money and recycling in the process.

Stores such as Savers, which is a popular thrifting location in Riveside, attract students with their low costs and variety of clothing.

“When I go thrifting, I look for cheap stuff, because that is what thrifting is for,” said Morgan Breiphol, sophmore liberal studies major. “I bought a shirt for $14 that was originally priced for $40.”

When thrift shopping. some students try to find the most recent styles and main brands at a low cost.

“I look for whatever is in style, but mainly I look for name-brand stuff,” Breipohl said.

Breipohl said she doesn’t thrift shop that often, but when she does she tries to not only find outfits that are in style but clothing that fits her particular style, which is something she said may not always find at a department store.

Paul Reyes, sophomore architecture major, spends time thrifting and said he enjoys finding items that have history behind them.

“I thrift shop and it’s just to find vintage things and things the people wore in the ‘90s,” Reyes said.

Reyes said the most exciting part of thrifting is the anticipation of what can be found in a thrift store compared to what might be found at the mall or anywhere else.

Reyes began his thrifting experience by purchasing hats.

Reyes said although he does not have a favorite item he has purchased, he still values the pieces that he has found.

Nick Worrell, junior Christian studies major, said he finds thrifting exciting and considers it a hobby of his.

“I have bought numerous shirts, backpacks, snowsuits, hats and many other things from going thrifting,” Worrell said.

Worrell said many of his purchases have a certain value, but a shirt he bought for $3 at a thrift store is his most valued possession.

“There is just something about the smelly Hawaiian shirt I purchased,” Worrell said.

Alhough the shirt is the most valuable to him, he said a dark blue jacket he bought while on a summer camping trip in Colorado is currently his favorite piece.

Worrell said the jacket features sleeves that zip off and a packable hood.

“(There is) a lavender air freshener embedded into the jacket, numerous pockets, leather near the back shoulders and a lucky handkerchief that I keep in there from the last guy who had it last,” Worrell said.

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