Outdoor Adventure takes on whitewater rapids

The California Baptist University Outdoor Adventure program took students on a whitewater rafting trip April 8-10 east of Fresno.

The weekend gave students the opportunity to explore both Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, where they camped out April 8. They also rafted with Kings River Expeditions April 9 before returning to CBU April 10.

Sam Cannon, program coordinator for Outdoor Adventure in the Community Life office, said he was excited for this year’s whitewater rafting trip to take place.

“We sold out for the whitewater rafting trip this year and took 40 participants on this unique weekend getaway,” Cannon said. “With the lack of water in California over the years, we were excited to be able to offer this trip again.”

Marlena Alkhoutoff, senior mechanical engineering major, said it was a great experience and she was glad she went.

“It was my first time, but with all the instructions they gave, I wasn’t nervous,” Alkhoutoff said. “The staff there were really experienced, friendly and fun. Teamwork was important on this trip because rowing together with six other people really made that concept more tangible.”

The Kings River is a Class III rapid, which made teamwork necessary.

Lindsey Livoni, senior electrical and computer engineering major, said the trip was a fun way to build new friendships with other students.

“It was very exciting and there were a lot of things to do,” Livoni said. “We were able to hike around the camp, do trail runs and play in the rain. It was a great way to see how we were able to bond together and now have memories that we will never forget.”

Robin Dolan, sophomore sociology major, said even though it rained most of the weekend, she still had fun.

“The rapids were an adrenaline rush and it was really nice being in nature and away from the stress of looming finals,” Dolan said. “I also just love camping, in general, and meeting new people who enjoy doing the same adventurous things.”

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