Students counsel through Camp Pondo

California Baptist University students can spend their breaks and weekends spreading the gospel and mentoring kids at Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp, which is also known as Camp Pondo.

CBU students can get involved in Camp Pondo, located in Running Springs, in either the winter or summer session. Both sessions take place over the course of eight weekends.

During the camp, students help run activities for children, such as camp games and worship sessions.

Vicki McClellan, sophomore healthcare administration major, was involved in the 2015 winter session at Camp Pondo and encouraged other students to take part of the experience.

“I would encourage other CBU students to get involved at Camp Pondo because it provides you with a great experience in serving and working with others and overall grows your relationship with God,” McClellan said. “This is also a good job for college students because it doesn’t interfere with class times and helps provide a little extra money while you are going through school.”

When there is no snow, activities have to change, but campers can enjoy dodge ball, skate parks, paintball and indoor crafts, if the weather is limiting.

Bryant Felix, junior political science major, said participating in the camp helps one grow closer to Jesus.

“I would encourage CBU students to work at Pondo because of the actual connection you build with Jesus,” Felix said. “At Pondo, you have a real opportunity to dive deep into the gospel, and since everyone on staff is required to be Christian, most of the people will be great influences in your life. It’s also a great way to teach kids and young believers about the amazing things Jesus has done for us.”

Students interested in becoming part of Camp Pondo can contact a camp director about becoming a member of the Pondo team.

“(I) look for fun, outgoing people who have a strong love for Jesus and have great leadership skills,” said Randy Guillian, activities director at Camp Pondo.

If interested, students can reach camp counselors via email on Camp Pondo’s website or call 909-867-7037.

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