Lancer Nation mentality unites CBU population, improves home games

There is an energy that can be felt walking onto the playing field, surrounded by fellow students, faculty and alumni. Game day means a lot to an athlete and much more to a devoted fan. At California Baptist University, “Lancer Pride” is displayed on T-shirts, #LanceUp is displayed on multiple playing fields and on game day, the faces of many fans don blue and white paint, making up Lancer Nation.

Pride comes from the heart of the university. A small, private school dominated its way into Division II of the NCAA and continues to improve every season. Naturally, as our sports teams grew, the fans multiplied and support is prevalent. Attending a university essentially ties a student to its sports teams, and in CBU’s case, a Lancer for life. Packing stands on our home turf and packing the gym at our rival’s campus demonstrates the pride we have in our school and our
sports teams.

Nineteen of our 20 sports teams compete at the NCAA Division II level. Our cheer team has captured four NCA Championship titles and several athletes have grasped individual titles of their own. What’s not to take pride in?

Taking pride in your school and its teams is so much more than rooting your team on when they win. It’s supporting the athletes, the coaches, your friends and CBU as a whole, win or lose. Being a student at CBU obligates you to cheer for our teams and makes you a part of the Lancer family.

Pride in your school and its teams is much more than wearing the shirts, donning the colors and cheering your face off; it’s being part of the team behind the team.

Being a part of “Lancer Nation” is being a part of the CBU family and really making the most out of your experience on this campus. While we aren’t home to the greatest football team in America, we’re home to some of the most passionate athletes you’ll meet.

Everyone should attend sporting events when they can. The perks of attending games are simple and rewarding: you’re having fun and making friends, and the team is encouraged and inspired more to work harder and fight for the win in front of the home crowd.

In sports, there is no better feeling than coming out of a tough game with the win. Seeing your fellow peer shoot the game-winning, buzzer-beating basket is one of the best feelings, because not only are you proud of your peer, but you’re proud of your team and your school.

Take pride in your campus, attend games, cheer for your peers and be a prideful member of “Lancer Nation.”

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