Live-action remakes grow in popularity

Walt Disney Studios has taken the movie industry by storm in recent months with its live-action adaptations of beloved classics “The Jungle Book” and “Pete’s Dragon.” The production company is continuing this theme with a handful of movies still to come.

Disney announced nine live-action films in their lineup that include “Beauty and The Beast,” “The Jungle Cruise,” “Cruella,” “Mary Poppins,” “Dumbo” and “Tink” that will be released between the years 2017 and 2019.

“Maleficent” made $758.5 million and “The Jungle Book” earned $941.3 million in the box office. They were both successful enough to earn sequels, they are currently underway.

Dr. Jeff Barnes, dean of Student Success and Academic Services, professor of HIS 401, The History of Disneyland, and author of “The Wisdom of Walt,” said people who grew up with Disney feel connected to the image of the company even as they get older, and it is important for Disney to continue that connection within the newer generations.

“We have an entire generation now that grew up not just with Disney or Disneyland, but that grew up with Disney in their living room,” Barnes said. “Anything Disney can do to keep that connection going with the generations coming behind … (would be) very smart and very wise.“

Brooke Sanchez, sophomore exercise science major, said she grew up with Disney and is excited to see what they are going to do with the newest live-action movies.

“I think what they’ve been doing so far is great,” Sanchez said. “They’ve done a good job of keeping it close to the original storylines, but at the same time adding another layer.”

Although Disney’s live-action has gained popularity, Sanchez added children today may not feel the same as people who grew up with the movies, but for the people who grew up with them, it is an exciting experience.

“I don’t feel like the children today will appreciate it as much,” Sanchez said. “Me and my friends who have grown up with the classics are so excited because it’s a way
of re-living and experiencing our childhood favorites in another way.”

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