Research Center revamped, focuses on students

Dr. Erin Smith, assistant professor of psychology in the School of Behavioral Sciences and director of research, worked this summer to turn the Center for the Study of Human Behavior into a hub for research and relationships.

One of the big changes in the revamp of the CSHB is a focus on student involvement. Smith said she wants the center to foster student research and collaboration with professors while assisting in answering questions about human behavior and culture.

“As a center, we want to provide an avenue for faculty and students alike to engage in the scholarly activities of our disciplines,” Smith said. “To build bridges to other disciplines also interested in questions about human persons.”

Smith is also working to create a space at the CSHB that encourages faculty and students from other disciplines to utilize the center’s resources, as well.

The CSHB resources include computers, a research library, spaces equipped with advanced learning technology and rooms for interviews, as well as camera and microphone equipment.

“We are actively working on some new and exciting ways for students and faculty in multiple disciplines to be involved in many different capacities,” Smith said.

Dr. Carol Minton-Ryan, professor of sociology and assessment coordinator for the School of Behavioral Sciences, is currently utilizing the CSHB to aid in her research on the deaf culture in four schools in Malawi.

Minton-Ryan said a global perspective is vital for the new millennium.

“International research experiences have provided an increase in my own knowledge and understanding of different cultures and a personal perspective to share with my students,” Minton-Ryan said.

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