Snapchat filter goes beyond internship opportunity

Graham Allgood sits in Horizon Media’s New York City offices and enjoys the skyscraper skyline of the city.

New York City buzzes with high energy and creativity. It is a place where dreamers and hard workers end up when they “make it big,” but this summer the city served as a stepping stone for Graham Allgood.

After catching the attention of the largest independent media agency in the world through creating a Snapchat Geofilter for Horizon Media’s New York City office location, Allgood, senior marketing major, joined the team of 30 interns for 10 weeks of non-stop innovative thinking and design.

Throughout his internship, Allgood created more than 50 digital advertisements for nearly a dozen brands including Disney, Buffalo Wild Wings, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

After working with the corporate company and its highly desired clientele, Allgood learned new aspects about the workforce and even himself.

“It taught me the whole ecosystem of the agency and what it is like to do business in a big company,” Allgood said. “I knew I loved marketing, but I did not know about advertising. I fell in love with advertising this summer and figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

In a joint email interview with Brett Lemberger, associate director and social creative of Horizon Media, and Shayna Walker, talent development manager of Horizon Media, the two shared the impact Allgood left on the company.

“Having a second designer, in someone as passionate and talented as Graham, made everyone’s lives that much easier during the summer months,” Lemberger and Walker said in the email. “Therefore, our team members were able to put more time, energy and creativity into their work. Graham made us recognize the need for a second year-round intern and we’re currently looking into making that hire.”

While Horizon Media gives  its interns well-rounded, real-world experience, this summer the company also succeeded in giving Allgood what every college student desires — the assurance he or she chose the  right major and is on the correct career path.

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