Steak ’n Shake opens new Inland Empire shop

The acclaimed burger joint Steak ’n Shake made its Inland Empire debut Aug. 22. The Midwestern chain continued its expansion into California, bringing its honest approach to hamburger and milkshake crafting for a cost that will not break the bank account.

The restaurant, located at 6231 Valley Springs Parkway in Riverside, is near other popular food chains such as Chick-fil-A and Waba Grill, but has the benefit of a menu that cannot be matched by any of its local competitors.

Founded by Gus Belt in 1934, Steak ’n Shake was designed to produce top-quality hamburgers and shakes in a time where hamburgers were viewed as subpar among restaurant foods.

The classic $5.49 Steakburger and fries is the first choice for anyone looking to explore the new establishment’s menu, as the ground-steak hamburger and hand-cut fries provide the classic foundation for the patron’s consideration.

Of course, a classic Steak ’n Shake meal would not be complete without one of their famous hand-dipped milkshakes. The $4.49 side-by-side specialty milkshakes give the best of both worlds, combining two flavors in one glass to create treats such as the “banoclate” and “strawnilla” milkshakes, which combine banana and chocolate ice cream and strawberry and vanilla ice cream, respectively.

Carbs and calories are plentiful at the hybrid fast-food and dinner-style sit-down service restaurant, but should not deter customers from treating themselves to a classic American hamburger staple on the fast-food chain.

There are other options such as chili, sandwiches and salads available along with plain milkshakes, as well as kids’ meals for those who may have a smaller appetite.

The 99-seat restaurant is  expected to employ about 120 people in the coming weeks. With limited hours in the first month, the restaurant will transition into a 24-hour establishment and also offer breakfast options in the near future when the store is fully staffed and prepared.

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