You cannot be a jack of all trades

Just about everyone goes through his or her life trying to be good at sports, school and everything presented to them.

The one thing that comes with trying to be good at everything is failure, and some may not take that too well.

When I was growing up before I found soccer, I tried so many other sports. Every time I was not good at a sport, I would beat myself up for not being the very best at it.

It defeated my self-esteem more than

While going through that, I also realized I was keeping myself from pursuing other extracurricular activities in school.

It is understandable to want to achieve greatness in everything appealing to your interest, but you have to stop, take a close look at where it is leading you and make a realization it is either not working out for you or there is something better.

Trying to be good at everything also makes you competitive. Don’t get me wrong, everybody loves some friendly competition, but nobody loves the person always trying to prove he or she is better than everyone else.

It gets old after a while to watch the same person, time after time, continue to make everyone look bad.

I should not just talk about how other people get that way without reflecting on myself, as well. I have tried to be the best and achieve higher things without any regard for those around me, so it was definitely something I had to work on myself.

It sometimes gets to the point where I just feel like a complete fool and I take a few steps back so I let someone else feel like No. 1, too.

After taking a look back and realizing how trying to be No. 1 affected my life, I see it is just not important.
Doing what you enjoy and sticking to it is most important.

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