College students: Don’t waste earnings

Just about everybody gets excited when the next big thing hits stores, and of course want their hands on it just to say they have it, but the expense is not always worth it.

It is easy to hand over cash or swipe your card and fail to realize what you are buying is not worth it. In the long run, it is just going to get worn out or broken.

As someone who constantly spends his money on material things, I totally understand why it feels so good.

There is some sort of rush that makes you forget what you are doing, but having bought material things, I know they have lasted me for only a limited amount of time and there was no real value to them.

Whether it is a Michael Kors watch or a pair of $300 Oakley sunglasses, the material things are not worth your money.

Let’s be real here: The watch and the sunglasses will look nice for a few months or maybe even a few years, and then one day, they will just be gone or broken and you will be stressed out over the fact you spent hundreds of dollars and now you have to get new ones.

There are just so many other things you can spend your money on that do not consist of you completely blowing it on something that will not last you more than a couple of months.

For example, I have found it is more rewarding to save up my money and wait until there is something I absolutely need and will benefit me more in the years to come.

I also think it is nice to spend money on other people who actually need it more than I do. This way it is being put to good use and at least they will be able to have one more thing than they had before.

Also, let’s be honest, most of us in college are broke college students who should not be spending our money on just anything. Every cent in college counts, and the last thing that should be on our minds is buying a new $1,000 computer or camera.

Even if you do end up spending your life savings on something crazy expensive, give it 24 hours to see if the guilt starts to kick in and then return it.

To remind yourself material things are never worth your money and time, just take a look at what you have in your bank account. Take into consideration if what you want to purchase is really what you want or need. There will always be something new and better that will come along.

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