Farrell’s makes changes in hopes of business revival

The old-fashioned 60s experience of pinstriped vests, bowties and candy distinguishes Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant from competitors.

Despite the supposed success of the restaurant, Farrell’s has suffered a debt of almost $2 million. The parlor was featured Aug. 23 on the CNBC hit show, “The Profit,” starring businessman Marcus Lemonis, for one last chance at revival.

Since the reopening of several locations in 2009 after a company-wide shut down, Farrell’s has struggled at bringing back the original quality of the ice cream they are notorious for serving in mountainous proportions.

Lemonis developed a strategic plan for the business and suggested change in the candy shop and most importantly, Farrell’s ice cream.

“We’ve made room for new specialty foods like chicken and waffles. I’m most excited about our new ice cream. It makes our sundaes twice as good as before,” said Kat King, senior communication disorders major and employee at Farrell’s Riverside location.

While customers are pleased with the service, it is the memories created with friends and family they said makes them hopeful the parlor will be able to continue and thrive.

“My main memory is singing ‘Happy Birthday’ around the table with a bunch of friends,” said Kristel Araujo, senior biology major. “One server came and did a funny birthday song and everyone joined along.”

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