Snapchat provides creative outlet for artist on campus

Snapchat has been around for five years and provided a variety of filters. However, one California Baptist University student took it to a whole new level by creating his own art.

Elliot Choe, junior kinesiology major, started designing his creations about a year ago with nothing but his phone screen and index finger, forgoing traditional filters in favor of originality.

Initially, Choe showed no interest in the app, but his brother and some friends convinced him to make an account. The first image he drew was Batman from the “The Dark Knight” with a Joker card stuck to his forehead. After that, Choe utilized Snapchat to keep himself busy and express creativity.

“I have an interest in Snapchat art because it involves a person’s creativity and imagination,” Choe said. “It also brings a lot of positivity not only to the audience, but to the artists themselves.”

Some of the first people who viewed Choe’s creations were his parents and his brothers. Now he said he aims to share his images with as many people as possible.

“Since the first picture I drew, I have been sending all my snaps back home to my family,” Choe said. “It makes me really happy they enjoy it so much, especially my mom.”

Amanda Yoon, junior graphic design and digital media major, has been friends with Choe for more than two years and finds the images very distinct.

“The most unique part is you know it’s Elliot’s because he has a unique aspect to his art,” Yoon said.

Choe first started drawing airplanes at the age of 2. As he grew older, Choe found inspiration for his images from his own imagination.

“Most of the time something just pops up in my head and I want to start creating it as fast as I can,” Choe said. “There are times where I feel the need to draw something on Snapchat after viewing something extraordinary.”

Choe said he believes Snapchat serves more than one purpose. It acts both as a way of communication through pictures and text, and as a community that encourages people to share and learn.

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