Accounting Society offers skill building to majors

For the past eight years, The Accounting Society club at California Baptist University has dedicated itself to opening and introducing the field of accounting to prospective and major students.

Headed by Dr. Stephen Christie, Accounting Program Director and Club Advisor to The Accounting Society, the club has involved itself in various programs on campus including the Meet the Firms event as well as encouraging licensed accountants to speak at meetings.

“The main goal is to provide a forum through which the students, who have selected accounting as their academic major, can meet and interact with professionals in the field of accounting.”

One of the greatest opportunities provided by the club is networking. Each meeting and event sponsored by the club supports their effort to get students involved within the field of accounting as it exists outside of CBU.

Dayanara Ramos, junior accounting major, is the current president of The Accounting Society.

“Starting The Accounting Society was important because accounting majors needed a club that would allow them to interact with their peers and gain access to networking opportunities,” Ramos said. “In the field of accounting, networking is a vital step in being able to pursue a career in accounting and obtain a job after graduation.”

The club is an excellent way for accounting majors to connect with outside businesses as well as the CBU students around them in order to pave a proper pathway to an internship and, potentially, a job. By utilizing the tools provided, students have a high probability of taking impressive strides towards their professional goals.

Christie has high hopes for the future of the club. Continuing the sponsorship of Meet the Firms and seeking out professionals to speak at meetings are both vital to the mission of the club. However, Christie also has potential opportunities that could further buoy The Accounting Society’s efforts to boost student relationships with firms.

“Additionally, we continually seek out scholarship opportunities and internships for our students to assist them with their goal of working in the field of accounting,” Christie said.

The Accounting Society’s goal to incorporate students within the relationship building process between schools, businesses, and students proves to be a noble as students continually find ways to broaden their professional experiences through involvement.

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