Audiences jazzed by ‘La La Land’

At the 2017 Golden Globes, “La La Land” stood out from other participants within its category by sweeping seven award categories. The film has also set records with Oscar nominations as well–tying with “Titanic” and “All about Eve” with 14 nominations.

Among the categories, the most notable the film won were: Best Actor for Ryan Gosling, Best Actress for Emma Stone and Best Original Song for the ballad titled, “City of Stars.”

Using stunning colors, songs and dances, “La La Land” tells the story of two dreamers: an aspiring actress working as a barista and a jazz aficionado trying to open his own jazz club. Often ignoring the limits of reality in favor of fantastical scenarios, the film relishes in the nostalgia of classic Hollywood.

Saramonet Stowe, senior psychology major, praised the film and said the awards given to “La La Land” were definitely deserved.

“‘La La Land’ stands out because of the way it brings back the feel of classical musicals, such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ and yet it so perfectly incorporated modern times into it,” Stowe said.

Despite the enthusiastic praise, Melissa Croteau, director of Film Studies, offered a more tempered view of the film.

“I thought it was enjoyable,” Croteau said. “Obviously, it’s purposefully derivative and nostalgic. For the most part, I enjoyed that, but I did feel like it was missing something. It misses some of the heart, perhaps of something like ‘Singin’ in The Rain.’”

The actual story told is ostensibly familiar–overdue payments, and working class jobs.

On the other hand, “Sing Street,” another film in the Best Picture Category, employed a similar presentation of its material by using original songs and nostalgia to tell the story of a young Irish boy’s pining for a girl.

However, the difference between the two, and for any other film in the category, was that “La La Land” fully utilized the medium of film to tell the story.

Whatever one hears about “La La Land,” it is unlikely any other film could compare to the blockbuster motion picture when it comes to the city of stars and dreamers.

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