CBU Homecoming Weekend moves back to spring in 2018

California Baptist University’s Executive Council approved moving Homecoming Weekend back to spring semester, setting the next Homecoming Weekend on Feb. 9-10, 2018.

As the number of students and alumni increase, the Van Dyne gym eventually reached capacity, prompting CBU to change the event to fall.

The new Events Center set to open this upcoming April will allow for the seating of 5,000 people, making a spring Homecoming possible again.

Gail Ronveaux, director of alumni and parent relations of University Advancement, said the last spring homecoming was seven to eight years ago.

“It has been something we have talked about for a long time to bring back and the Events Center has played a big role in allowing for this event to happen,” Ronveaux said. “It will encourage older alumni to come back because it will appeal to them.”

Many alumni with milestone reunions in 2017 will be recognized at the 2018 Homecoming.

Janet Crate, special events and volunteer coordinator in University Advancement, said the homecoming will focus on students, alumni and family, and in grandparent’s day will be melded in as well.

“Some of the elements of the homecoming, mainly the alumni elements, will be placed into spring but the festivities are still in question,” Crate said. “I’m excited for the parents because they will feel valued with it being now considered a family weekend.”

Moving Homecoming Weekend to spring will also allow CBU to add an intercollegiate sporting event, such as men’s basketball, to the scheduled events.

Katie Houchin, senior health science major, said it is a good idea to bring alumni back to campus to keep them involved with current students and what the school community is doing.

“I am excited because it is something people can look forward to, not only with current students, but alumni who can bring family and friends and see what they experienced at CBU,” Houchin said. “I hope one day I can attend as well.”

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