Find validation in Jesus Christ, not individuals

When I am out and about and come across a trendy background, I think, “Yes, this would make for the perfect Instagram post.” I make my friends snap me from every angle until I find the perfect picture; sometimes it’s so good I don’t even need a filter.

After coming up with an iconic caption, I click the share button and I impatiently wait to see how many likes I get. It is incredibly pathetic and I am embarrassed to admit this, but I find it is true for many.

The number of likes and comments we get on pictures somehow gives us validation of how loved we are. Setting goals for how many likes we receive for one picture and then the next, and the next, will never be enough. We will continually search for more validation and we will never find it.

This concept of validation is not only found on social media, but in all aspects of life. People are always seeking for others to like them and include them, but at what point does a person reach ultimate validation that he or she is good enough?

There is simply no way to measure this sensation; people will always be searching for something beyond what is already had.

Truth is, the love of Christ is enough.

The unconditional love of Christ shows us we are enough. If we are enough for Christ, the highest of beings, then why does anyone else matter?

Don’t get me wrong, we were made to desire and foster relationships with one another, but are not defined by the acceptance of our neighbors. We are defined by Christ alone.

Going through life hoping for validation from all those surrounding us is an exhausting, never-ending cycle. When we are able to accept we are enough for Christ and understand that is the ultimate validation needed, a sense of peace ensues.

There is no need to reach 200 likes on an Instagram post or make a superb impression on every person you meet. The love of Jesus Christ is what truly fulfills that void.

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