‘Ladies night’ empowers women

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On January 24th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Rec Center was closed off completely to men to give women a night to themselves to focus on their physical and mental wellness.

Ladies’ Night featured female-led group fitness classes—including Starlight Stretch on the roof with an all-female staff.

This event did not only focus on physical wellness, but also allowed a space for women to have fun, unwind and focus on their own emotional wellness. Various clubs and departments on campus contributed to give the women of CBU complimentary manicures, henna, chair massages and t-shirts.

“Our focus for spring is relaxation and rejuvenation. We always try to have a very comprehensive wellness approach to it,” said Stefani Plummer, director of the Recreation Center, “We’re intentionally focusing on reducing stress, relaxing and taking care of yourself.”

Ladies’ Night was started three and a half years ago the fall after the Rec Center opened in 2013. The purpose behind Ladies’ Night is to offer women a night to try something new or a place to work out without feeling intimidated by the opposite gender.

“The whole point is statistically more women come into the Rec Center than men,” said Plummer, “We have gotten feedback that some women who aren’t used to working out in the weight room or on the climbing wall might feel a little intimidated when there’s a larger audience.”

Along with all the classes and amenities, Ladies’ Night offered women a chance to write down a lie about themselves they are inclined to believe. The lie was then covered in scripture and replaced with truth.

“I came up with this idea because we wanted girls to understand that the lies the world tells us aren’t true,” said Annabelle Lim, sophomore early childhood studies major and Rec employee, “I wrote down that I’m not good enough and I think a lot of people feel that way. But when you go straight to scripture, you read that God loves you no matter what.”

Plummer’s hope is that Ladies’ Night will empower women to come back to the Rec with more knowledge and confidence in working out and staying active.

“I came to Ladies’ Night last semester and it was so fun,” said Amy Tedrick, freshmen health science major, “The body positivity stuff they have makes me really happy.”

The Rec Center also offered a Men’s Night on January 19th as an evening strictly for the men of CBU. Men’s Night featured free haircuts and a variety of different competitions that the women’s event did not.

The next Ladies’ Night will be in the 2017 fall semester.

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