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The first Outdoor Adventure trip of the spring semester at California Baptist University took students to Mammoth Mountain Jan. 13-16 for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

The trip gave students the opportunity to snowboard and ski for two days on the mountain while staying at The Station Camp, a non-profit youth camp, in Mammoth.

Tucker Carter, program coordinator for Outdoor Adventures in the Community Life Office, said Mammoth is one of the more popular trips offered and sold out the morning sign-ups were opened to the students.

“We take a trip to Mammoth every year as it is a destination that is particular to California culture and an
experience not all students may experience,” Carter said. “We hope students can come together to create community with each other finding a common interest in  both skiing or snowboarding.”

The trip had a total of 30 students and four professional staff members from Community Life.

Christina McDonald, junior leadership studies and business administration double major, said her favorite part was
doing something with friends and peers that she would not do every day.

“It’s cool to see how much you bond when you are doing something active and unique with people you don’t know very well,” McDonald said. “I made new friends and grew closer to those I already knew.”

Other than snowboarding and skiing, the students ate meals together, played games and got to know one another during their down timethroughout their stay.

Danny Burger, junior film studies major, said the trip had a great group of students and staff that made it enjoyable for everyone and the staff members of The Station Camp, were friendly, which made them feel like they were at home.

“I learned that there are people on campus passionate about snow sports,” Burger said. “These Outdoor Adventure trips are a great time to get away from the stress of school to go enjoy yourself and meet tons of like-minded people from CBU.”

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