Local coffee shop offers a freshly brewed alternative

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Arcade Coffee Roasters partnered with the Office of Spiritual Life Feb. 15 to start a new event on campus called “Wake Up Wednesdays” in which specialty coffees are available for students.

Located outside the Recreation Center and Community Life office, Shane Levario and Stevie Hasemeyer, owners of Arcade Coffee Roasters, sell an arrangement of coffee and latte selections. The wild-flavored lattes range from lavender to strawberry along with many other caffeinated options.

News of the recent addition to California Baptist University was advertised on the Spiritual Life Instagram account and at Chapel during the first week of “Wake Up Wednesdays.”

“Wake Up Wednesday” occurs every week from 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. and is scheduled to continue until the end of the semester.

Amber Leigh Sands, sophomore nursing major, said she knew about the new development through her connections with the owners of Arcade Coffee Roasters.

“I drink coffee a lot because I’m a nursing student and am constantly exhausted. I really like Arcade Coffee because I’m learning about the different types of coffee, and I love their different lattes,” Sands said.

Arcade Coffee Roasters’ company owners were contacted late last year by the Office of Spiritual Life iwith an inquiry about the shop coming to campus. Hasemeyer, owner and CBU alumnus, said he was excited to introduce his old ties at CBU to his business and defining coffee flavors.

“It’s been a really positive experience at CBU,” Hasemeyer said. “We plan to change up the latte flavors every two weeks. For example, next week we are going to have a vanilla flavor.”

Arcade Coffee Roasters and the Office of Spiritual Life are only pairing up temporarily as they wait to see how the rest of the semester goes before committing to next year. Based on student reviews, it seems likely the coffee roasters will return to campus in the fall semester.

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