University, PepsiCo sign partnership

A partnership between PepsiCo and California Baptist University was announced Feb. 21 that includes a multi-year integrated athletic marketing plan and a campus-wide relationship with the company.

The marketing agreement with PepsiCo will be the second founding-level partnership for the university’s new Events Center.

This agreement will also incorporate PepsiCo products into CBU’s dining locations and will work with Provider, CBU’s main food and beverage distributor, to sell more PepsiCo products to consumers of CBU’s dining establishments.

Dr. Micah Parker, director of Athletics for CBU, said there is excitement about obtaining the partnership with PepsiCo.

“This is a great opportunity for CBU,” Parker said. “This is a great opportunity to get a partnership with a major company such as with PepsiCo.”

Parker said the partnership with PepsiCo is also a paid sponsorship for CBU.

“They are paying money to the campus to advertise and sell their products at the new Events Center,” Parker said. “This is a great thing on both sides of the partnership.”

The deal with PepsiCo and signing with the Western Athletic Conference in the NCAA Division I will expose CBU to other companies to get other partnerships.

“One of the factors in getting this partnership is we have done so well in the NCAA Division II that we have sponsorships from other companies, such as Nike, Cadillac, Altura Credit Union and Ayres Hotels,” Parker said. “This is a big list of reputable companies to get us more exposure to other companies for partnerships.”

Micah Fuller, associate athletic director for Marketing and Media Relations, said the partnership was a team effort with CBU’s leadership.

“The university was looking to potentially partner with a beverage company on an exclusive basis,” Fuller said. “To do that, we decided to not just do it for athletics, but do it for the entire university.”

Fuller said about food and beverage services at CBU are known as some of the best in the country.

“Our food and beverage services are ranked high in the country,” Fuller said. “We have one of the best food service programs in the country, so Provider was very instrumental in setting up the meetings with the soft drink companies.”

PepsiCo will continue to endorse CBU with this major partnership. It will work with Provider to sell more products to the CBU community and will advertise its brands to places all over the campus.

“Anytime you partner with a worldwide, global company, such as PepsiCo, it sends a positive message to the business community that we partnered with a nationally recognized brand,” Fuller said. “Anytime we add to the roster of brands, it can open doors for anything with the university and the community.”

The brands provided for food service programs include Starbuck’s ready-to-drink coffee beverages, Lipton Iced Tea, Ocean Spray, Tropicana juices and Muscle Milk.

Joseph Gonzalez, senior Christian studies and Christian behavioral sciences double major, said he feels good about this partnership with PepsiCo and the impact it will have.

“I do not see anything wrong with it,” Gonzalez said. “It’s a partnership that helps build CBU and brings more products in our dining areas.”

This marketing campaign will benefit CBU in a variety of ways. It will bring in more products for CBU students to enjoy and will be a campus-wide sponsorship that will provide funds for the university in multiple ways

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