Being an adult means taking chances

Parents: They are the people that have supported your hopes and dreams and have helped you through the good times and bad. Whether it was to be a princess or an astronaut, it is our parents who loved and supported us first.

After signing the “parent or guardian consent” line for the majority of our lives there comes a time we are able to sign our own line.

I would never want to discredit my parents’ opinion or disrespect them in any way whatsoever, but there comes a time in every young adult’s life when we must finally spread our wings and discover who we are without our parents’ consent.

Whether it is traveling the world or indulging in your rebellious side and getting the tattoo you have always wanted, these are the moments that help define who we are as an adult.

Once we are able to forego the “parent or guardian consent” signature, the opinion of parents becomes only supplemental to decision-making as an adult. Even though it is important to have the support of the people who have been through it all with us, it should not be the reason to abandon your dreams.

Finding yourself beyond the path your parents paved for you is a monumental moment in a person’s life, and whether your adventures bring success or make you fall flat on your face, it is through these moments, away from our parents, that we begin to truly find ourselves.

Life should be full of adventures and stories that will stay with us for a lifetime. If we ditch these moments simply because a parent says “no,” it will turn our life into a series of “what ifs.”

In the most respectable way possible, ditch parental expectations and just go for it — travel the world, get the tattoo and fill your life story with what you want.

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