Have faith rather than an uncertain plan

“I barely have a ‘pla-,’” Phoebe Buffay said to Rachel Greene in an episode of “Friends” after being asked about her plan for her future.

After somewhat having a plan for the year, I have recently discovered my plan for the future may not actually be what I thought it would be.

My big, grand plan of action for life after college may not be where I actually want to belong. Truth be told, I fear for life after graduation, but who doesn’t? This past school year, I’ve learned not everybody has life after college figured out. People change, as do plans. What I do have figured out are the situations in which I thrive best.

I know I am at my best collaborating with others. I know I love to tell stories about the lives of people. I also know who I am as an individual, and who I am in Christ.

Although I don’t have a concrete plan set in place, I find peace knowing God does have a plan for me. Not everyone I encounter in my career will be a believer and not everyone I meet will be someone with whom I instantly click. I will have to constantly adapt to situations I encounter. While I do not know what situations I’ll be facing, I know my career will take me places. I know I will not compromise my values or beliefs. I know my ideal niche.

Finding your niche, knowing where you thrive as your best self is a satisfying feeling and I strive to achieve it always. Right now, I have a glimpse of it daily as I wake walk into the newsroom, executing my daily tasks on The Banner. After this is said and done, I may not be in a place where I instantly thrive. I may not be in a place where tasks come easy, and that is OK.

My core values and faith will be tested as life goes on. I may feel called to go elsewhere — that’s where I’m at now as I plan my future. I don’t know where I’m supposed go come May, but I know wherever I do end up, it is because I am meant to be there.

Until then, I will carry on with my college career and be OK knowing “I barely have a ‘pla-.’”

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